Die Reihe „Introvision“ wird fortgesetzt:

Stefan Zoellner psyche-netz-verwandlung

Psyche Netz Verwandlung, digital collage, 2014, from the series “Introvision”

Weisser Galaktischer Spiegel

Stefan Zöllner Weisser Galaktischer Spiegel

Weisser Galaktischer Spiegel, digital collage, 2014, from the series „Introvision“

A simple concept: choose three words which came to you by chance or as a result of deep thougths. It does’nt matter. Just put the words into Google’s picture search, filtered by size and rights of use. The search engine will give you a bunch of pictures with no correlation. Choose 10 pics you like, load them to Photoshop and play around until you find the insanity that makes you happy!